LONDON EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY provides equine-facilitated therapy and learning programs using horses as an integral part of the team.  Together using the EAGALA model a Mental Health Professional and an Equine Specialist use horses to provide on the ground experiences to promote healing and learning.  This is not horseback riding.  Clients, therapists and horses are all on equal ground. 


Horses have an innate understanding of what we are experiencing and how to connect with us, they can help bring you back in touch with yourself.  Horses are highly sensitive social creatures that give immediate feedback to clients about their behaviours and feelings; horses mirror a clients' behaviour.  The actions and reactions of the horses help clients to receive feedback and discover effective ways to manage and overcome challenges in their lives. 

We are open to the public and accept direct referrals.  Invoices are provided at competitive rates.  Please let us know if you are covered under a benefit plan as fees are covered by most health care plans. 


 * Post Traumatic Stress and Recovery

* Anxiety/Depression

* Stress

* Anger Management

* Divorce

* Self-Esteem

* Grief/Loss

* Disordered Eating

* Relationship Issues

* Addictions

* Feeling Stuck

* Create Healthy Boundaries

* Develop Trust and Respect

* Behavioural Issues

* Leadership Skills

* Confidence Building

* Self-Care

* Empathy

* Awareness - Self & Spatial

* Empowering Choices

* Communication - Verbal & Non-Verbal